Dismal Falls Falls of Dismal Dismal Falls

The Falls of Dismal is a 10 foot multi- tiered waterfall on Dismal Creek. It is easily accessed from the road or from a side trail off of the appalachian Trail. The Falls area is part of a sandstone formation that is over 400 million years old. Dismal Creek is a stocked trout stream. In the winter the frozen falls are particularly beautiful.

Dismal Falls 

Dismal Creek Area, Jefferson National Forest, Bland

dismal fallsBest time to view falls is winter to early summer.  Peaceful, pretty, and easily accessed is the 15 ft. Dismal Falls.

Dismal Creek is about 50 feet wide (depending on water volume) at this point as it flows down over several ledges. The ledges on the left side of the falls are step-like while the middle and right ledges are more of a straight drop. In lower water, the middle and right are not covered and the stream is much narrower. Despite the width of the stream, the waterfall is not particularly open with trees lining each bank and throwing much of the falls into shade most of the day.



How to Find It
From the parking area, follow the short trail to the falls. Be careful on the rocks where the trail comes out as they can be slippery. Total round trip: .1 miles over easy terrain.
Safety Considerations: slippery rocks at viewpoint

Driving Directions:
Take exit 98 from I-81 going north on VA-100. Go 11.6 miles and turn left on VA-42. After 10.1 miles turn right on SR-606. After 1 mile, turn right on SR-671 which becomes unpaved after .4 miles. .5 miles after the pavement ends, there is a sign for the falls and a small pull-off on the right of the road.

From Blacksburg: Follow route 460 to Pearisburg. Take route 100 to route 42 for 10 miles. Follow route 42 for 10 miles. Turn right on route 606. Go 1 mile trun right onto route 201 just past store. Go about 1 mile. There is a roadside pulloff with a trash recetacle marking the trail head.
Fees for Access: none