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Giles County Public Schools strives to provide an educational program that offers a broad range of opportunities for the intellectual growth and personal fulfillment of our students.  We are committed to the improvement of both the scope and quality of our instructional programs. 

Welcome to Giles County Public Schools

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Our school system serves approximately 2430 students from Kindergarten through grade 12 in the following facilities: 3 elementary/middle schools (Eastern Elementary/Middle, Macy McClaugherty, & Narrows Elementary/Middle School) , 2 secondary schools (Giles High School & Narrows High School), 1 technology center and 1 alternative education program. Over the past 15 years, we have completed renovations to our school facilities thanks to the collaboration between our local Board of Supervisors and School Board. In addition GCPS is also a member of the Southwest Virginia Governor's School for Math, Science, and Technology. With approximately 370 faculty/staff members, GCPS is able to serve our students with much individual attention.

Gifted StudentsElementary

Elementary/middle education in GCPS includes both primary and middle education, encompassing kindergarten through seventh grade, and offers a curriculum that is consistent with the Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL's) and Standards of Accreditation.  Itinerant teachers are provided for music education, physical education, and primary art.  In addition, an Instructional Technology teacher is provided and works with faculty members to incorporate technology into the instruction occurring within the classroom.  All elementary/middle schools provide the building foundations required for secondary schools by offering the necessary groundwork for the remaining five years of education associated with public schools.


Secondary education in GCPS encompasses grades eight through twelve.  A strong vocational program is available at both of our high schools, as well as specialized services at the Giles County Technology Center.  We provide distance learning classes (Spanish) between Giles High School (GHS) and our three elementary/middle schools.  We also offer New River Community College (NRCC) courses, such as Principles of Sociology, Principles of Psychology, Art Appreciation, and Religions of the World as distance learning classes between Giles and Narrows High Schools.  Those classes referenced above allow two-way interaction between the students at Giles or Narrows High School (NHS) and NRCC.  In addition, to increase opportunities for our students, our school system has a Career Counselor at the Giles Technology Center to assist students in their career choices. 

Gifted Education

Students in Grades K-12 are offered differentiated instruction based on needs and interests as part of the Gifted Education Program.  Categories of identification for students in Grades 4-12 are General Intellectual Aptitude, Specific Academic Aptitude (in math and language), and Visual Arts.  A Young Scholars program and Visual Arts Talent Pool are available for students in grades K-3, with formal identification for the Gifted Education Program completed in grade 4.  In addition, a two week summer exploration program is designed for students, grades K-6.  Furthermore, specialized computer instruction is available for students in the elementary schools.

Special Education

Students with disabilities comprise approximately 13% of the total school population.  Special education programs are individually designed to serve the needs of students with physical, learning, or emotional disabilities.  Students with moderate and severe disabilities are involved in community-based instruction and vocational training.  Parents and staff support the heterogeneous groupings of children and the inclusion of students with disabilities into the mainstream of programs and activities within our schools.

Teacher helping studentHighlights from our schools and school system

  • Each of our schools has a School Resource Officer (SRO) and a school nurse.
  • There was a 100% pass rate on the Nursing Assistant state exam, the Practical Nursing state board exam, the industry Drafting exam, the National Institute Metalworking Skills exam in Manual Milling, and on the SkillsUSA Welding Technical Exam by the 2011 graduates of these programs at the Technology Center.
  • Students at the Tech Center earned a total of 260 college credit hours through dual enrollment in 2010-11.
  • Nursing Assistant, Machine Technology, Drafting, Computer Tech, Building Trades and Welding were dual enrolled with New River Community College for 2011-12 school year. 
  • $7,150 in awards and scholarships were presented at the GCTC 2011 Awards & Certificate Ceremony in June 2011.
  • A total of $259,484.00 was secured by the 2011 graduates of GHS and a total of $744,529 was secured by 2012 graduates of GHS in the form of scholarships and/or grants.
  • A total of 1,021 College Credit hours were secured by the class of 2011.           
  • 17 Students were enrolled in the SWVGS and 32 students were enrolled in the NRCC Distance Learning classes at GHS for the 2011-2012 school year.
  • 10 students were enrolled in the NRCC courses and one student was enrolled in the JumpStart program at NRCC at NHS during the 2011-12 school year.
  • A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) program was conducted at Macy and EEMS this past spring that gave students the opportunity to work in cooperative groups after school two days a week for an 8 week period. Students and professors from Virginia Tech worked with our teachers and students to develop skills on problem based learning approaches to real world problems. For example, the students developed a small house which would insulate an ice cube and this project was tested by students and used to simulate a structure which would enable a penguin to stay warm for long periods of time.
  • All of our schools provide some type of remediation program for their students, either during the school day or after school.
  • In conjunction with the Giles Youth Adult Partnership (GYAP) and the Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley, Healthy Relationship week activities were conducted at both NHS and GHS during the 2011-12 school year.
  • Drug Awareness and Resistance Education (DARE) programs were completed at each of our Elementary/Middle Schools.  During this course, our SRO's provide students the opportunity to learn about the dangers of illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol.
  • Each of our Elementary/Middle schools conducts a Character Counts Program throughout the school year to recognize students who show good character towards their fellow students and teachers.
  • In an effort to encourage students to learn their multiplication facts, each week students in grades 3 – 7 at Macy complete a 'mad minute' multiplication quiz, with classroom winners being recognized weekly on the announcements.  In addition, weekly winners attend a "multiplication party" where grade level champions are crowned after completing a similar quiz.  Then, the grade level champions compete for the right to be called the "school champion" for the 6 weeks.
  • Members of the National Honor Society at Narrows High School attended a cyber-bullying workshop and also attended a VHSL Leadership Conference.

The following teachers were recognized as their schools Teacher of the Year for the 2012-13 school year:

Gary Hinson – Narrows High School

Crystal Boggess – Giles High School

Heather Munsey – Eastern Elementary/Middle School

Kim T. Mills – Macy McClaugherty School

Lynette Lowe – Narrows Elementary/Middle School

In addition, Gary Hinson was named the Giles County Teacher of the Year.

  • The PTO/PTA organizations at each of our Elementary/Middle schools are actively involved in the educational process of our students and support many activities each year.

  • Over the last couple of school years, we have had many individuals recognized at the regional and state level for their work in education.  For example, Cathy Webb, Autism Specialist/Focus program for Giles County, was recognized as the 2010 Region VII Teacher of the Year and 2010 Virginia Teacher of the Year; Diana Blanton, Biology Teacher at GHS, was recognized as the 2011 Region VII Teacher of the Year; and Jeff Young, Network Administrator for the school system, was recognized as the 2009 Region VII Educational Technology Leadership award recipient.  In addition, we have had several teachers recognized by local groups for their dedication to their students and their work within the schools.

  • At NHS and GHS, there are several different activities that students can join.  There are athletic teams, academic teams, clubs, or organizations that students can join to show their pride in their school.

  • Students are provided opportunities (field trips, competitions, etc.) to enrich their educational experience throughout their time in our schools.  For example, 7th graders take a trip in the spring to Washington D.C., Band and Chorale students take a trip to perform in competitions, SkillsUSA competitions at the district, state, and national level, as well as many other opportunities available for our students.