Celanese | Celco Plant This Fortune 500 Special Technology and Global Materials Company is Giles County's largest employer and the Narrows Plant is the worlds largest producer of acetate.
NanoSonic Nanosonic specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative materials, especially new materials that are currently unavailable in the commercial market. NanoSonic facilities are housed in two buildings totaling 40,000 square feet of office, research and manufacturing space in Giles County, Virginia, USA. Learn More
Patrick Enterprises Manufacturers and suppliers to the following industries: Heavy Truck, Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Rail Car, Coal Prep & Processing Equipment.

Giles County counts among it's leaders Celanese Acetate LLC, a maker of Cellulosic manmade fibers, and is the largest employer in Giles County. Chemical Lime Company of Virginia, Inc. is the 2nd largest employer. GE makes the third Fortune 500 company with a presence in Giles County.

Doing Business in Giles

With several new business parks, a new hospital, quality educational institutions nearby and a movie being shot in Giles County, there are more opportuites than ever and more reasons to relocate your business to Giles County.

Business Parks include:

Cascade Commercial Park - Home to NanoSonic #2 and Giles Farm Bureau

Mountain View Industrial Park - Universal Forest Products, Harris Contractors, Caterpillar, Giles Lifesaving & Rescue

Dogwood Farms - Home to Carilion Giles Community Hospital

Wheatland Eco Park - A Green Technology Park and home to NanoSonic #1

Cascade Park

Celanese - Celco Plant


The Celco Plant is located on Route 460 in Narrows, Virginia along the scenic New River. It began operations on Christmas Day, 1939. Products made at the Celco Plant include cellulose acetate, flake, filament, and tow.

Celanese has been a major participant in the New River Valley business community since 1939.  Our manufacturing site in Narrows, VA consists of approximately 600 employees.  In the New River Valley, Celanese has benefited from loyal employees with diverse skill sets and tremendous dedication of our success.  The combination of a beautiful mountain setting, the breadth of cultural offerings through Virginia Tech, and a vibrant economic climate makes the New River valley a great place to live and to do business."

Perry Aliotti - District Sales Manager

Celanese - Celco Plant
P.O.Box 1000, Narrows, VA 24124

Lhoist North America - Chemical Lime


"Chemical Lime is here because of the natural resources we need for our products.  But, our New River Valley plant has the best workers, with the best work ethic, in our company.  And, having access to the mining technology expertise at Virginia Tech is also a huge plus.  Finally, this area is just the most beautiful place to live."

Jon Passic - Virginia Operations/Sales Manager
Chemical Lime Company of Virginia

Lhoist North America - Kimballton Plant
2093 Big Stony Creek Rd., Ripplemead, VA 24150
(540) 626-8704 • 800-423-7606 | jon.passic@lhoist.com

GE's Fairchild Mining Equipment

For nearly 50 years, GE's Fairchild Mining Equipment has been setting the industry standard for excellence in helping mines improve productivity while lowering fuel use, emissions and life-cycle cost. Besides having a wide selection of state-of-the-art vehicles, GE Mining offers a superior level of aftermarket service that keeps equipment in top working condition.

GE's Fairchild Mining Equipment - Glen Lyn
200 Fairchild Lane, PO BOX 300, Glen Lyn, VA 24093
Office: (540) 726-2380 • Fax: (540) 726-2388  | website

Appalachian Power Co.

Appalachian Power

"Appalachian currently pays about $600,000 a year to the county in taxes, and more than $200,000 to the town of Glen Lyn. The Glen Lyn plant, a towering complex easily seen from the U.S. 460 bridge across the New River near the West Virginia line, is 92 years old."

Appalachian Power Co
Po Box 118, 100 Apco Rd, Glen Lyn, VA 24093
540-726-3191 | Brad Jones - Manager

NanoSonic, Inc.


NanoSonic, Inc., formerly of Blacksburg, opens it's doors in Giles County in 2010. The new facility is located on Rt. 460 in Wheatland EcoPark near Pembroke and is backdropped by the beautiful surrounding mountains and farms. Giles County is the only place in the world where two specific products will be produced in the 30,000 square foot building. The first product is Metal Rubber which conducts electricity like copper and stretches like a rubber band and was developed by NanoSonics in 2006. The other is HybridSil, also known as Fire/Blast which is impervious to fire and explosion. It was developed under a contract with the U.S. Navy.

NanoSonic, Inc.
158 Wheatland Drive, Wheatland EcoPark
Pembroke, Virginia USA 24136
Phone: (540) 626-6266 | FAx: (540) 626-6762
info@nanosonic.com | website

Patrick Enterprises, Inc

Patrick Enterprises

Since 1983 we have been supplying our customers with world class quality, service and value. Our customers consist of manufacturers and suppliers to the following industries: Heavy Truck, Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Rail Car, Coal Prep & Processing Equipment.

With state of the art processing equipment, we can handle your steel processing needs. You will also find that our employees and staff are very capable and project a positive image of our company. They work tirelessly with an unmatched work ethic to maintain a safe and productive working environment.
Our people truly are....."Our Greatest Asset".

Patrick Enterprises, Inc.
110 Patrick Drive , PO Box 10
Pembroke, VA  24136
Phone: (540) 626-7106
info@patrickentcorp.com | website

SEMCO - Southern Electric And Machine Company

SEMCO - Southern Electric And Machine Company
2710 Virginia Ave
Narrows, VA 24124

Office: (540) 726-7444

Jennmar Corporation of East Virginia, Inc.


A multi-national, family-owned company that is leading the way in ground control technology for the mining, tunneling and civil construction industries. Today we make a broad range of quality ground control products, from bolts and beams, to channels and trusses, to resin and rebar. We're proud to make products that make mining safer and more efficient.

Jennmar Corporation of East Virginia, Inc.
101 Powell Mountain Road
Rich Creek, VA 24147
(540) 726-2326 | Fx: (540) 726-7340
Greg Ratcliff Plant Manager | website



Relative Location of Giles County

Population 17,124 Geography: 363 square miles of which 1/3 is National Forest Elevations range from 1500-4400 37 Miles of the New River 54 Miles of the A.T. Proximity to interstates 20 minutes from I-81 and I-77 via Route 100, 460 and 61.

Port Information

Sea and Other Ports

New River Valley Airport (Virginia TradePort) 29 minutes / 23.8 miles
Port of Washington - Dulles 4 hour 10 minutes / 262.5 miles
Virginia Inland Port (VIP) 3 hour 13 minutes / 210.4 miles
Port of Richmond (POR) 3 hour 34 minutes / 232.8 miles
Newport News Marine Terminal (NNMT) 4 hour 37 minutes / 306.8 miles
Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) 4 hour 47 minutes / 316.7 miles
Virginia International Gateway (VIG) 4 hour 50 minutes / 319.1 miles

Relative Location

Relative Location of Giles County

Roanoke, VA

Atlanta, GA 

Baltimore, MD  

Boston, MA 

Charlotte, NC   

Charleston, WV

70 miles

480 miles

281 miles

699 miles

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126 miles

Chicago, IL

New York, NY

Norfolk, VA 

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Richmond, VA

Washington, DC

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