In all, the Circuit Court Clerk has over 800 responsibilities to perform. These responsibilities range from preparing court orders to recording land records to handling trust funds.  The following are just a few of the daily functions of the Clerk and his staff:

The Circuit Court Clerk and his staff provide administrative support for all courtroom proceedings. They are responsible for setting up and maintaining files, maintaining the court docket, managing juries, as well as, ensuring that court cases are recorded and summarized into court orders. In addition, they are responsible for collecting court costs and filing fees, securing evidence, mailing court orders to all parties in a case and issuing arrest and other legal documents to be served.

Giles County

Records Management

Records management is a key role of the Clerk. The Clerk’s Office serves as the repository of the County’s records. Deeds, deeds of trust, and plats are recorded on a daily basis. Other transactions include judgments, certificates of satisfaction, marriage licenses, and financing statements.

Wills & Estates

The Clerk is also responsible for putting to record wills and estates, while qualifying executors, administrators, guardian and/or conservators, and trustees. It is a prime opportunity to help people during a difficult time in their life.


Bookkeeping serves as a major part of the Clerk’s Office. Responsibilities include the maintenance and investment of trust and condemnation funds, collection of real estate recordation fees, and the collection of other fees authorized by statute.