Concealed Handgun Permits

Steps involved when obtaining a concealed handgun permit:

  1. Applications can be picked up at the Giles County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office.
  2. After filling out the application and collecting a $35.00 fee, it is taken to the Sheriff’s Office.
  3. Once the background check comes back to the Sheriff’s Office, the entire application is brought to the Clerk’s Office.
  4. The Judge “grants” or “denies” the application after looking over it and then signs it.
  5. The Clerk’s Office then scans and indexes the application.
  6. The Clerk’s Office calls the applicant to let them know that it has been “denied”.
  7. If “granted”, the Clerk’s Office mails the permit to the applicant.


  1. Must be a Giles County resident
  2. Must have documentation verifying the applicant has passed a gun safety course or have a letter from a police officer verifying their ability to use a firearm.